Schedule Risk Analyzer v 1.5
Schedule Risk Analyzer™ | Who could work & who should work.
Duty schedules must both comply with rules and regulations, as well as minimize the risk of employee fatigue. Compliance alone is not enough to ensure safety.

CIRCADIAN®'s new web-based software tool is the first to provide a complete schedule assessment, allowing managers to see not only who could work - but who should work.

CIRCADIAN®'s Schedule Risk Analyzer™ allows managers to assess:

  • If a work schedule conforms to "Hours of Service" and "Work-Rest" rules such as the API-ANSI RP-755 standard for the petrochemical industry
  • Assess scheduling alternatives (e.g., who's available for OT? Is that shift swap OK?)
  • Instantly determine if a work schedule is creating excessive and costly fatigue risk
  • Utilize Circadian's scientifically-validated CAS-5 fatigue modeling platform to provide an objective Fatigue Risk Score

The Schedule Risk Analyzer can assess individual employee schedules or the schedules of multiple employees, to provide overall compliance and fatigue risk data for your organization.

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